D and P are not writers.  They have as much told me so on several occasions.  I happen to think that writing and doing it well is a valuable life skill so I insist that the boys learn to put words on paper.  I can’t say that I have ever been “wowed” by what either of them have written but every now and then I get a good chuckle from their obvious disdain for some of the things I assign them to do.

A few weeks ago, we arrived at the part of our writing curriculum that gave the boys a chance to write cinquain poetry.  D could not believe that he actually had to do something that he felt was a total waste of his time.  Each line of the poem had to follow specific instructions and had to have an exact number of syllables.  D followed the directions to a “T” and still managed to express that he didn’t at all like this activity.  This is what he wrote:


Stupid cat

Coughs up a hair ball

Runs in front of a big car


Today, it was P’s turn to make me laugh.  The boys had to write help wanted classifieds where they named the position that needed to be filled and then used verbs to describe what that position entailed.  P wrote:

Help wanted.  Spelling and writing champion.  Must be able to write, spell and sing dumb songs with my mom.  Call P at ___-____.

The dumb song he is referring to is my attempt to help the boys memorize linking verbs.  There were ten one-syllable linking verbs listed and I thought that the easiest way to commit them to memory would be to sing them.  We sing “am, is, are, was, were, be” going up the scale and “been, looks, seems, smells, tastes, sounds” going down.  Both boys looked at me with incredulity when I first crooned my linking verb rendition.  It is now something of a joke around here.  I like to burst forth jubilantly these ten words just to see the boys eyes roll and to hear them audibly groan.  They are so predictable!  Today D used the song to make me smile.  He used the same tune to sing “Can you please shut up? It is our recess”.  It’s good for this mom to laugh.