cleo-012.jpgWe noticed yesterday that Cleo’s chrysalis had changed from a pale emerald green to black and finally it became transparent.  After many observations where nothing much was happening, Cleo finally emerged from his chrysalis with an eager audience watching.  D saw him plop out and alerted the rest of us.  By the time I got there Cleo’s wings were still crumpled but quickly and miraculously expanding. 

I had great hopes that this time we had a girl.  My hopes were dashed this morning when Cleo opened up fully for the first time.  The tell-tale spots were there meaning that Cleo is male. 

We tried putting him outside yesterday to see if he would open up and take flight.  I guess it was too late in the day because he stayed put.  (Apparently butterflies will not fly at night.)  We tried again this morning and this time Cleo opened and closed his wings many times for us to see just how amazing a creature he is.  He is now hopefully on route to Mexico. 

The boys are a bit disgusted that I named the caterpillar Cleo.  That was an O.K. name as long as I thought we were having a girl.  Now that it is definitely a boy, D and P are insisting that I change the name.  P’s routing for Dewey.  I’m sticking with Cleo.