cleo-001.jpgCleo stopped chowing down and pooping like there was no tomorrow yesterday.  She then crawled to the top of her container, built a “web button” and since then she has been suspended upsidedown  in a “J” shape.  (By the way, I have no idea if Cleo is male or female.  I’m not sure how to tell on a caterpillar.  Since Little Joe ended up being male, I am hoping that Cleo is female and am writing about “her” as though “she” is.)

It’s really amazing to watch up close God’s creation.  It makes you stand in wonder of the Creator.  He’s so imaginative.  The processes that He has built into these humble, lowly caterpillars is astounding.  No one has to tell them how to become a butterfly or even that they will become one.  They just seem to know what they are to be and how to get there.   They just have to eat like crazy, suspend from their butts for a while and somehow turn into an amazingly beautiful green and gold chrysalis.  Then somehow their whole body changes and the next time we see them they are gorgeous monarch butterflies.  Too cool!