naturewalk-008.jpgnaturewalk-007.jpgnaturewalk-006.jpgWe have been finding some neat stuff as we explore our new environment.  P found the tiny skull in the back yard.  It looks like it might have belonged to a mouse or possibly a rat at one time.  A friend scooped up the light blue “crab pincer” for the boys.  The pelvic bone is about the size of my hand.  We think that it may have been part of a fox skeleton.  We found part of the backbone to go with it as well.  I put the bones on the side of the house to dry out and the next day the backbone was gone.  I guess some critter felt there were still some pickings on it!

We went out for a walk today at a place the locals call High and Dry.  It’s wooded with lots of rocky outcroppings and bluffs.  I was hoping to find some more cool stuff to add to our collection.  P wanted me to take some photos of the bullet shells he found.  He thought they were definitely a cool find and plans to put them on display on his shelf in his room.  (They didn’t quite fit my criteria for cool finds.)  We did manage to see an amazing variety of mushrooms and earlier in the day I spotted a female downy woodpecker.  We got all excited when we thought that we had found an owl pellet in the wild.  On closer examination we discovered that there were about a thousand of them and our excitement disippated as we realized that what we were actually looking at was dried out dung from some larger animal.  Oh well.  I’m sure that as we keep looking we’ll find more things to photograph and add to our cool finds stuff.