outback-002.jpgoutback-009.jpgoutback-008.jpgOur property backs onto to a hydro easement.  The hydro company maintains a trail that runs across the back of our yard in case they ever need to service the lines.  Yesterday, it rained quite a bit here.  The trail was pretty muddy.  P and his newfound friends (one of which was a neighbour’s dog) decided to kick off their shoes and socks and go mucking about (quite literally!).  They came back sporting a lot of mud and grins from ear to ear.  I’d like to say that I got a great photo of them but they were way too busy to pose for silly old me and I wasn’t quick enough brandishing my not so handy camera.  Anyways, you’ll have to trust me when I say that as far as these boys were concerned, this was as good as it gets.

On one side of the trail there is something like a meadow where grasses and wildflowers grow in abundance.  On the other side of the path is forest that will never be developed.  (It’s landlocked with no road access.)  The woods are too dense to really go in and enjoy but we did manage to find an old abandoned tree fort.  Now we just have to find (or build) some kind of ladder to make it accessible for play.  It has potential for eager beavers.  It’s kind of cool to wonder who built it and what kind of fun those kids had in it. 

The trail is an amazing place to wander.  You go back there and apart from the hydro lines crackling overhead, you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere.  It’s peaceful and I can’t help but love just hearing the wind blow through the trees (as opposed to hearing traffic sounds and other city noises.)  Hopefully through the seasons we’ll make many happy discoveries back there.

For now I am happy to report that I saw my first northern flicker (the yellow-bellied type).  Flickers are very common around here and quite beautiful.  They have a bright red spot on the back of their heads, a blue-black bib under their chins and when they flap about they are a pretty yellow underneath.  It was a pleasure to see one grubbing for ants in our back yard.  Maybe if your a nature-loving mom, this is as good as it gets too.