house-041.jpgGetting settled into a new home is exciting and exhausting all at the same time.  I’m excited to be in this house and to be dreaming of all that each room can be.  The house was in pretty good shape when we arrived but it still needs some work to make it suitable for our purposes. 

All of this got me thinking about that little booklet called, “My Heart, Christ’s Home”.  It likens the human heart to a house.  When Christ comes into a heart He wants to fully inhabit it as His home.  He wants to go into every nook and cranny and make each “room” suitable for His purposes.  Some things have to change and He sets about to make that heart His project. 

I had a picture of Christ being as excited to move into a heart as I was to move into this home.  He dreams of all that life can be just as I am dreaming of all that each room in my new house can be.  He starts with the most glaringly awful “rooms” with the purpose of transforming those areas of our lives for His glory.  That thought came especially to mind as I immediately set about painting P’s bubble gum pink room to a very masculine grey to make it suitable for its new occupant.  Because I love this house I am willing to put time and money into to make it as lovely as I can.  Isn’t it amazing that God loves each one of us so much that He will work tirelessly with us to bring us to the glory He intends for us?

I’m so glad that I am busily unpacking boxes.  Isn’t it funny how God shows up and reveals to us His heart in the most mundane things of life?