I’m back to blog to my heart’s content (finally!).  Yes.  It has taken all this time to get connected to the internet.  Most of the time was spent waiting for a disk to arrive in the mail so that I could get dial-up service.  When the disk failed to arrive after two weeks of waiting I called about it and found out that they no longer send out disks.  (Totally frustrating when that happens!!)  The company in question then tried to get me started manually.  That failed miserably as I kept getting error messages.  That resulted in reams of trouble shooting that didn’t actually fix the trouble I was experiencing.  The next step was to take the computer in for servicing as I was told that the problem was on my end not theirs.  Well, that piece of info sent us on our first trip to Barrie.  The computer is now cleaned up and I am able to access the internet at snail speed.  Yahoo!!  Better to get there slowly than to not be able to get there at all I always say!

Our move here went smoothly but August 24th was a very long, exhausting day.  We all love the new house and the idea of having a yard.  I have mowed a half acre yard by hand and I still like having it.  The yard is very sloped in the back yard so I can see myself becoming one of those muscular country chicks just from getting out there to push the lawn mower uphill.  The boys have been outdoors more and we have had some exciting finds in and around our property – an abandoned fort in the woods, the skeletal remains of what we think was once a fox, tree frogs, a praying mantis and a big, fat garter snake (that I am sad to say that P and his new-found friend killed 😦 .  Both P and D have made friends on our road (which is called a boulevard just to make it sound sophisticated I think!).

I have been busy as a beaver talking to internet tech guys and gals, painting P’s room (which was a lovely bubble gum pink when we moved in and is now a very masculine pale grey),  trying to figure out where to put all my tiny furniture in this enormous house, trying to find everything from the grocery store to the library, homeschooling two not so eager lads and connecting with people from our new church, neighbourhood and homeschool group.  You heard me – there is a Christian homeschool group out here.  We are still in the works of registering to become a part of it but if all goes well we shall soon be hiking with other families of like precious faith and vision.

Now that I am blogging again, I almost feel like I’m at home.  I am at home and hopefully soon it will start to feel like it.  It’s good to be back.