D, P and I are hanging in there as we finalize the details for our move tomorrow.  It’s been interesting hosting sleep-overs for the boys when almost everything we own is packed up in boxes and we are trying to eat just what we have left in the house.  Somehow the boys still manage to have fun.  I am still struggling to live in all this disorder.  The one good thing about moving has been all the special send-offs different groups of friends have prepared for us.  Each one has been unique and meaningful.

Little Joe, our monarch caterpillar, is also hanging in there these days, quite literally.  Yesterday, he/she made his/her way to the top of the container and built a little web like thing to hang from.  He/she is now hanging from his/her bottom with his/her body curled like chubby “J”.  I am eager to see how the chyrsalis forms.  I guess I will have to hang in there a little longer for that.