dsc01244.jpgdsc01243.jpgI have been thinking a lot about nature lately.  It’s a wonderful thing to go for a walk in the woods or to sit by a lake and gaze out as the water gently laps at your feet.  The colours in nature always seem to be right.  The placement of the natural elements seems perfect.  I believe that God designed His creation to be a place of order and beauty because those things are good for the human mind, soul and body.

I have been living for the past couple of weeks in a place that is growing more disorganized and ugly by the day.  My dining room is now a mountain of mismatched boxes and my living room is housing way too much furniture for a room its size.  I now understand why God made the world the way He did.  Nature invigorates you and has a way of making you feel at peace.  The same can be said for a well-ordered home.  I find that I am tired a lot and my nerves are a bit frayed.  It’s not the work of packing.  It’s the experience of living in a mess.  It doesn’t do the body good!  I can’t wait to move all of this stuff and get back to a home where I don’t have to step over boxes, trip over boxes, or find out that I have put something in a box before I was finished using it.  I really like order!!  I think that I will have to take a few walks out in the woods or sit by the water for a while to restore balance to my life.

For now, I will look at the little piece of nature that is in our home – a sprig of milkweed with a plump eating machine on it.  Little Joe doesn’t seem at all thrown off by the boxes or the disarray of this home.  He/she is busy doing his/her thing.  We expect that in a day or two, he/she will start to crawl up the side of his/her temporary home and build that wondrous thing called a chrysalis.  I feel a little more balanced already just thinking about it.