Right now I feel like my life is strikingly similar to Little Joe’s, our baby caterpillar.  He is eating at a breakneck pace and is growing visibly larger every day.  I too have been eating very well the last few days although I hope that my girth is not visibly larger each day.  On Tuesday night, it was Indian cuisine at an old friend’s place.  Yesterday night it was an elaborate dinner (followed by a couple of servings of Skor cheesecake) hosted by the ladies’ group I have been a privilege to be a part of for the last two years.  Not only was the food delicious there but the setting was gorgeous.  We ate on fine China, drank out of crystal goblets, had real napkins (as opposed to the throw away kind) and the table was bedecked with gorgeous red roses plucked from one of the women’s front yard.  When these gals throw a wing ding they really go all out!  This afternoon it was a homeschool get together where once again the food was plentiful.  I would like to say that I showed restraint but that would be dishonest.  I still have a neighbourhood send-off  and a small group Bible study farewell party to look forward to.  We certainly won’t be making this move underfed!!  Let’s hope that I indeed spread my wings and fly (like we hope Little Joe will) after all this eating.