It was a sad day today.  Our largest caterpillar, Big Mac, ate his last some time this morning.  We were faithful to give him/her fresh milkweed and a little water but our fatal mistake was to leave him/her out in the backyard in the full sun.  The water evaporated and I think Big Mac dehydrated.  He/she was a shrivelled sad looking thing when I went outside to check on his/her progress.

Little Joe is still hanging in there and growing.  Hopefully, we can learn from our mistakes and see this baby through to maturity.  We visited our friend, The Butterfly Lady, yesterday and D and P noticed that she kept her babies (all 98 of them) indoors and put their munchies on soaked paper towels.  She obviously knows what she is doing.  She has already had many go through the chrysalis stage and emerge as fully fledged adults.  We are eager to get to that stage and find out if Little Joe is a male or a female.  We are not sure if there is any way to tell during the caterpillar stage.  Hopefully, we can at least get one through the caterpillar stage.  Our batting average is pretty pathetic at this point!