murdoch.jpgOur remaining babies are finally more than nameless caterpillars.  They have been officially dubbed Big Mac and Little Joe by D and P.  Tragically, one of our larger specimens went missing in action today.  I came back from a walk and saw him/her munching happily on some milkweed but later in the day D came in all perturbed because the caterpillar was gone.  It is a total mystery as to where he/she went. 

Big Mac is now more than a centimetre long and will probably be noticeably bigger tomorrow.  Little Joe, a  later hatchling, is almost half that length but is quite a bit larger than the speck he/she started out life as.  We are all eager to see them do something other than eat and grow larger.  Hopefully, they will cocoon before our eyes and we will have the joy of seeing their amazing chrysalises and the excitement of seeing them break forth to become the monarchs they were designed to be. 

Pictured here is Murdoch, a friend’s rapidly growing baby.  I would like to post of a photo of Big Mac and Little Joe but my camera will not allow me to zoom in clearly on their tiny bodies :(.  Still, Murdoch is a fine looking fellow and a photo like the one above just begs to be posted.  Wish I could take pictures like that!  My credits to DA who took that National Geographic quality pic.