dsc01046.jpgDay # 3 at camp was as exciting as the first two days.  The boys are very enthusiastic about going and are really enjoying all that they are doing and learning.  It’s nice to know that my money was well spent!

D and his partner built a dinosaur today and made it do some moves using the computer.  There is an open house for the parents on Friday.  I am looking forward to it.  D tells me all about what he is doing but I’m afraid that my tired, stone-aged brain just can’t picture it.

P and his partner designed a program where one fish eats another fish.  They got to add the “Jaws” musical score to it.  P thought that it was pretty cool.  I will get to see all that he has worked on at Friday’s open house as well.  He’s pretty excited to show me.

In the evening, we joined friends of ours at the Running Room for the twenty minute challenge.  We walked (the boys ran/jogged at times) a 3 km course and for our efforts we were all rewarded with Running Room hats.  D and P were excited to see two of their homeschool friends and a friend that they had made at camp there.   The boys did the challenge together following the course map on their own.  (It wasn’t hard to do.  There were a lot of people wearing the blue Running Room hats and you basically just had to follow everyone else.)  It was a nice way to finish off a busy summer day.