Well, the excited camp experience did not wear off.  D and P were again speaking volumes when I asked them what they did at camp. 

D excitedly told me about an elevator he and his partner built.  If I understand correctly they had to program the computer to make the elevator go up, ding at the top, have a light go on and then go down again.  D and his new friend had some trouble with it.  Even their teacher couldn’t figure out what they had done wrong.  D said that he really liked that today’s assignment was more challenging than yesterday’s.

P got a few words in edgewise and told me that he had programmed the computer to morph one shape into another, to make a butterfly fly from one flower to another, and to create a UFO.  At the end of the week, he should be able to show me a short animated video that he created himself.  I can’t wait to see it.

Both boys also talked excitedly about the group games that they played when they weren’t being taught robotics or computer animation.  They are having a blast.  They went to this camp not knowing one other person there.  They seem to have no trouble fitting in and making friends.  I hope all those naysayers out there who believe that homeschooled kids will somehow miss out on socialization and will end up being total introverts are reading this!  My boys are confidently independent and very adaptable to new situations.  It’s great to see them learning and having fun.