Today was the first day for D an P at camp.  D went to robotics camp and P went to computer animation.  I didn’t understand a lot of what they told me when I picked them up and asked them how it went today.  They had a lot more to say than the usual “It was good, I guess”.  They excitedly told me about all the cool stuff they did with their partners at a speed of about a million words per minute and at the same time. 

It seems D worked with specialized lego and bionicle and worked with a rotating restaurant and a special light and some music and complicated things happened (or something like that).  P made a ball bounce on the computer screen and made a scene with fish and multi-colored and multi-layered seaweed (or something like that).  They also got to play a lot of games in the gym and outside, some of which I know how to play and some of which I have never heard of and still don’t know how to play even though my boys tried to explain them to me.  

The long and the short of it is that they both had a great time and are looking forward to tomorrow’s activities.  D even came up to me after supper and said “Thanks for paying all that money for me to go to robotics camp.  I really like it” (or something like that).  You know it’s good if D thinks of thanking you for it!