dsc01000.jpgdsc00975.jpgdsc00967.jpgWe did something we have never done before this year.  We went camping and didn’t bring a tent, a camp stove, a cooler or any food along.  Instead we rented a chalet and bought a meal plan at the camp cafeteria.  This was a great idea!  It sure made “camping” a whole lot more enjoyable for me!

We didn’t have great weather the week we were at the campground but we all had a fantastic time.  P (formerly called P-9) had his tenth birthday while we were there.  The morning of his birthday he got up and sleepily announced to us all that he was now a decade old.  It was one of those precious moments that make me glad that I am around my boys as much as I am.

I hardly saw D and P while we were chalet-ing it.  They were off with their buddies playing soccer, baseball or manhunt and at times they managed to get a little fishing in.  D had a chance to fish alongside Mr. S who knows his stuff.  He caught seven sunfish that expedition.

I had a chance to relax and fellowship with Christians.  I have friends there who bought a pontoon last year and this year I had a chance to go out on the lake in it with them.  It was very enjoyable. I also had a chance to enjoy the nature trails.  This year I did a little less dancing as I navigated my way along those picturesque paths.  The bugs weren’t quite as thick and blood-thirsty as they were last year.

The boys are hopeful that we will continue to make our annual pilgrimmage out to this campground even if we move.  I am hopeful too.