O.K.  I feel very foolish now.  Yesterday we went to the Mint and had our pictures taken in giant coins.  I wrote that D-11 had his mug in a moose or posssibly an elk.  I was reading a story to the boys today and the tale featured caribou.  It then dawned on me that what is on the Canadian quarter is not a moose or an elk but a caribou.  I even did an internet search to confirm that brilliant thought.  I feel so silly.  I have lived in Canada all my life and have looked at Canadian quarters many times over.  I can’t believe that I was dumb enough to put in writing that it’s a moose or an elk on the front of the twenty-five cent piece.  Thank goodness I have enlightened moments every now and then and that I can confirm them by doing an internet search.  It’s also probably a good thing that I still read stories to my kids because on occasion they do spark some brilliant thoughts.