I like camping.  I don’t love camping.  I like that when we are camping the boys can run wild and free and forget for a while that there are electronics in the world.  I like lazing about at the beach and braving the water (which always seems cold when you’ve been lazing about the beach for a while!).  I like that we can now set up the tent completely ourselves without having to borrow a tall person from some other campsite.  What I don’t like is sleeping in a tent at night.  I have feet that turn to ice as soon as the temperature drops.  As long as my feet are cold I will not sleep.  That’s a problem with me.  I’m one of those people who definitely functions better when I sleep.

This year I decided to do something about this problem.  One of our sleeping bags suffered an accident last year.  We think that pizza was dropped into it.  I tried washing it out but I only seemed to have spread the mess around more evenly.  The boys started calling it the “barf bag”.  Of course, neither of them wanted to sleep in it so I would get it.  The problem with the “barf bag” (apart from its unsightly appearance) is that it is very thin – way too thin to do anything for my icy feet.

A few weeks ago, we laid the “barf bag” to rest.  (That, by the way, looked a lot like pitching it in the trash heap.)  Yesterday we made a trip out to the Scout Shop and I broke the bank and bought a winter mummy bag.  It has a temperature rating of -20 degrees Celcius.  It only went down to about 8 degrees Celcius last night but that was enough to trigger my feet to go into ice mode.  I’m happy to say that they thawed very nicely in my new mummy bag.  I was actually warm while sleeping in a tent which means that I actually slept a bit!  Yeah!  I believe in celebrating firsts!

I am now thinking of adding my mummy bag to my growing arsenal of winter feet problem solvers.  I have a duvet.  I have an electric blanket.  I have big wool socks.  All three of those combined sometimes do not thaw my feet on a winter night.  Last winter I started resorting to getting up in the wee hours of the morning and soaking in a hot bath.  Unless my feet are warm I simply will not sleep.  Now that I have a mummy bag and it actually did the impossible and got me to sleep outside in a tent there is a ray of hope for those long Canadian winter nights.