orillia-018.jpgWell, our trip to Orillia has come and gone and it has left us with many pleasant memories and a few dreams of moving out that way.  We got to view a whopping 24 homes while there and fell in love with a little township called Oro-Medonte.  It is situated about midway between Orillia and Barrie and is mostly countryside and farms.  I felt like my soul had room to breathe out there.

We also had a chance to enjoy the water while visiting.  Any place in and around Orillia is not far from water.  Friends of ours took us out boating, fishing and swimming on the lake.  D-11 and P-9 managed to catch a few fish, one of which was a walloping 29 inches long!!  I was not with them when they landed that one but I have been assured that the evidence is on film and that I will see it soon.

We also had a chance to experience life at a resort courtesy of our friends.  We are definitely not used to such luxury and thoroughly enjoyed it!  The resort had about 15 miles of trails behind it.  That was the part I think I took the most pleasure in.  I loved the abundance of trees, the wind rustling in their tops, the sight and sounds of wild turkeys coming to roost, the silent meanderings of deer and the sheer peacefulness of it all.  D-11 and P-9 probably enjoyed the big T.V. and the indoor/outdoor pool complete with hot tubs the most.  Something for everyone I guess!

Well, no great exodus starts without leaving someplace special.  We are now getting our home ready to go on the market and trusting God that He will have a place ready for us to move to at the right time.  It is all very exciting.  And to think that all that happened in just one week…