judosilver-013.jpgjudosilver-017.jpgjudosilver-016.jpgjudosilver-003.jpgjudosilver-006.jpgjudosilver-016.jpgjudosilver-016.jpgThe C family has recently started reading the Guardian of Ga’Hoole series about owls that we are still very much into.  We decided to get together and have an afternoon all about owls.  Each boy was assigned a particular owl species from the book and had to do a presentation on it.  D-11 and P-9 were busy beavers yesterday putting together their project boards on burrowing owls and great gray owls.  A and N did their projects on barn owls and elf owls.  The presentations were a great way to start off the owl unit.

We then moved into the meat and potatoes of these amazing birds and had some fun learning about such scientific things as nictitating membranes and uropygial glands.  It’s amazing how much the boys already knew from reading Kathryn Lasky’s books.  We did a number of fast paced activities to teach the owl’s family members, some owl vocabulary, some really cool facts about owls, and to see how one species of owls fit into the food web of its eco-system. 

Mrs. C livened things up after the heavy teaching session with owl origami and an edible owl art project.  The grand finale was the dissection of a real owl pellet.  The boys had a fantastic time carefully prying apart the pellet with tooth picks.  Amazingly the pellet contained four rodent skulls (along with lots of tiny rodent bones).  Each boy claimed one skull and everyone ended the dissection happily.  It was great to see them so engrossed in the activity and to hear them enthusiastically exclaim, “This is so cool.  Look what I found!”