It’s hard to believe that another homeschool year is drawing to a close.  D-11 caught sight of the finish line on Monday and decided to sprint and do three days worth of language arts in one mini-marathon sitting.  P-9 decided to continue the slow and steady pace and happily crossed the finish line for that subject today.

P-9 has been periodically working ahead in his mathematics and was surprised to find out that he was on his last page today.  There are more pages in his text but they are of the cumulative review sort and I hadn’t intended to make him slog his way through them.  He broke out in a big smile over that one.  D-11 has only two pages of mathematics left, a test page and a chapter review page.  He asked if he could work on them in the after school hours just to get them done and be finished with his book work.  That is always an option in this home!!

I have decided that we will officially be done on Tuesday when we get together with the C family to do a joint owl unit.  After that, we are off to Orillia for a week of vacation.  Hallelujah!  That finish line is a welcome sight for us all.