dsc00790.jpgHere is a great shot of my silver medalist. 

Today was the Munster Judo tournament.  P-9 injured his ankle yesterday while watching his friend play soccer.  That takes talent!!  He assures me that he wasn’t just watching; he was playing soccer on the sidelines with some other guys.  Anyways, he wasn’t too unhappy to sit out during the tournament.  Competitions really aren’t his thing!

D-11 was surprisingly chipper about taking part in the tournament.  It helped that I bribed him by promising to take the whole family out for dinner if he participated and did his best.  It was almost game over when he took a kick to the head during the opening warm ups but he pulled himself together and after some belly-aching decided he would still fight.  There were only two boys in the light-weight category for D-11’s age and rank – D-11 and his good friend A.  D-11 gets to fight A often and rarely wins against him so he wasn’t too sad or surprised when he lost his two fights with him at the tournament.  It helped knowing that he was a shoe-in for the silver medal since there was no one else to fight!  I was happy to see him go out, give it his best shot and leave the mat being a good sport.  That earned him the right to choose the restaurant we were to eat at.  I’m so glad that he is past picking McD’s as his favourite place to eat!  We actually had a very nice meal at Montana’s, rejoicing that we had made it through another Judo tournament with bodies and spirits intact.