dsc00522.jpgToday was belt-testing day at Judo.  D-11 and P-9 were not very confident that they knew all of the requisite throws and holds to advance to the next belt.  They warned me ahead of time that they expected to get an orange stripe (a belt midway between yellow and orange).

There were three tense judo moms on the bench at the end of class today.  We were all hoping to bring home happy kids and have a great Saturday afternoon.  That depended largely on whether our children did well or not.  P-9 was one of the first kids called forward during the belt presentation time.  He had succeeded and got his orange belt.  I was thrilled but that initial emotion was soon followed up by dread.  What if D-11 didn’t pass and advance?  The thought of bringing home my youngest son with an orange belt and my oldest son still with his yellow belt was the equivalent to a hellish afternoon.  I wasn’t up for that so I audibly breathed out, “Dear God, please let D-11 get his orange belt too”.  That prompted the equally tense mom on my right to audibly pray, “Oh God, please put me out of suspense and let me know if my daughter got her orange belt or not”.  We each got excited when the senseis poked around in the box and drew out another orange belt.  It  kept hope alive for our children and for a peaceful, happy Saturday afternoon.

Several children got called before D-11.  Finally his name was said and I was relieved to see that the sensei had an orange belt in his hand.  Again I audibly said, “Praise God”.  The mom on my left assured me that she too prayed.  She let out a deep sigh of relief when both of her boys advanced and then let out a whoop as they went forward one after the other.  The poor woman on my right was kept in suspense a little longer.  Finally her daughter was called up and awarded an orange belt.  She too let out a “Thank you, Lord”. 

All three of us Judo moms let out some collective sighs of relief, some congratulations and some “See you next week at the tournament” comments.  Ah yes, the end of year tournament.  I’m sure there will be some more prayers from the bench at that one.  Hopefully there will be a few “Praise God”s and “Thank you Lord”s as well.