dsc00493.jpgIt’s amazing how much paper we deliver sometimes.  I weighed one of these bundles and it came in at about 2 pounds.  Since we deliver 190 flyer bundles that means the paper in this photo weighs about 380 pounds.  Since each of us delivers approximately 1/3 of these 190 flyers, we each get to haul around 126 and 2/3 pounds.  That happens in two runs so each run represents a little over 60 pounds for each of us.  That is more than 1/2 my weight.  It is 100% of  D-11 and P-9’s weight and they will haul it twice tomorrow.  We get $0.10 for each flyer bundle we deliver so that means we get about $0.05 for each pound we haul. 

I have no idea why I wrote this.  I think that I am impressed with myself for doing the math when no one was making me.  Either that or I am just plain tired from putting the elastics on those 190 bundles and stacking them in my kitchen.