D-11 and P-9 have taken quite a shine as of late to eating upstairs while watching the tube or playing Game Cube.  This used to be a no-no in our home.  I really didn’t want to spend all my money on carpet cleaner and all my time on cleaning up their accidents.  Now that the boys are older, they are marginally less likely to make big spills and even if they do they are old enough to pass the vacuum cleaner or to spot clean.  The one rule that I have insisted on with this new-found freedom is that they bring their dishes down and rinse them off.  Since eating upstairs is a new-found freedom, I am finding that I am having to remind the boys often of the rule.  Nine out of ten times when I go into their rooms with my arms crossed, my foot tapping, and my eyes glaring at the dirty dishes that weren’t brought down to the kitchen and rinsed off, the boys will say, “Sorry mom, forgot”.  Every now and then I get a creative humdinger of why the rule wasn’t obeyed.  I really should write those ones down.  They’d make for interesting reading at some future date. 

Today, I sauntered into P-9’s room to check how he was making out with his language arts work and spotted a glass of juice on his shelf.  I don’t know how long that glass had been sitting there but I do know that there was something very green and very fuzzy floating in it.  I called P-9 and D-11 over to show it to them.  P-9 was especially grossed out since I informed him that since it was discovered in his room, he would be the one cleaning it out.  We then had a short talk about why we don’t want to grow mold in our home. 

Well,  I am happy to say that the ice cream dishes came down and got rinsed pretty promptly tonight.  D-11 just kind of shrugged and said, ” I don’t want to grow mold in my room”.  Aaah…music to my ears.