The Shattering by Kathryn Lasky

D-11 and P-9 are still enjoying the Guardian of Ga’ Hoole series.  We finished book #5 a few days ago.  This part of the story centered on Eglantine, Soren’s younger sister.  After the siege of the last book, an owl that had belonged to the Pure Ones and was injured in battle was taken into the tree.  This barn owl, named Ginger, befriends Eglantine and seems to have renounced her involvement with the Pure Ones.  She ends up being an agent and uses flecks to try to destroy Eglantine.  The Pure Ones want more information about the use of flecks.  They try to shatter Eglantine so that she will go to the Ga’Hoole Tree library and get the information they need.  Eglantine’s best friend, Primrose, a pygmy owl, knows that something is not right with Eglantine.  Her search ends up getting her captured by the Pure Ones.  When Eglantine sees this, she is brought back to reality and begins to fight back against the ones that are only posing as her friends.  The book ends with a battle in the midst of a raging forest fire.  The Guardians of Ga’Hoole win again and in the process destroy Kludd and Nyra’s egg.  Nyra swears revenge on Eglantine. 

The Pure Ones continue their quest for complete owl domination by capturing St.  Aggie’s, the biggest known depository of flecks.  This has the Guardians of Ga’Hoole worried and they are finally ready to start fighting offensively as opposed to defensively.  Soren and his band are called in at the end to go to the famous Northern Kingdoms to enlist allies and to bring the broken Dewlap (the traitor from the last book) to a place of healing. 

There was enough of a story here to get D-11 and P-9 to beg the age-old “one more chapter please!”.  It’s always good when they get that drawn in.