hogsback-051.jpgIt is hard to imagine four boys being happier than D-11, P-9, and two of their homeschooled friends, A and N, were this afternoon.  I took them to Hog’s Back Park for some unstructured play time.  Between the four of them, these boys have a ton of imagination and at least as much energy.  From the moment they got out of the van, they were a blur of motion.

It was such a pleasure to sit back and just let them run wild and free.  We were at the park for almost two hours and there was not one “I’m bored” complaint.  They saw a tributary coming off the flowing waterway and immediately set about to dam it off.  They had a great time hauling rocks, grass, sticks and whatever they could find for this engineering task.  When we decided to check out the rest of the trail, they joyfully ran off acting as scouts.  They came back every thirty seconds or so to let me know what they had found ahead.  At one point we found a little trail that led to a marshier area.  The boys stripped bark off a fallen tree limb and decided to use them as boats to race down the rapids.  They poked and prodded their make-shift boats with sticks and just enjoyed the moment.

The best part of the trip happened when we crossed the bridge to the other side.  The boys spotted a large limb on the rocks which became a test of their strength.  They were bound and determined to move the gigantic beast and get it floating in the water.  They heaved, hauled, grunted, got a bit irate with each other and then heaved, hauled and grunted some more.  Eventually, they found boards to use as levers to get the limb over some particularly difficult spots.  Amazingly, their coordinated efforts got the branch over some pretty rough rocks and in the water as they had intended.  The heaviest of the four boys is maybe 65 pounds.  I don’t know how much that behemoth weighed but I do know that it was mighty heavy!  I think that the boys worked for almost an hour painfully moving it little by little.  You should of seen them when they actually succeeded at what they set out to do.  They let out a mighty whoop and you would have thought that they had just won a million dollars by the way they were celebrating and high-fiving each other.  They felt totally victorious!  It was quite something to behold.  I’m glad I had the opportunity to be there.  I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.