dsc00393.jpgD-11 and P-9 continue to work on doing independent research which they present periodically in an event we call “the great unveiling”.  They have been working for the last two and a half weeks on putting something together for the month of June on their home-made calendars.  All of the research they do is top secret so that “the great unveiling” is a surprise to the other family members.

D-11 started the presentation time by telling us about the goddess Juno for whom the month of June is named.  At first it seemed like a great idea to research how the months got their names.  In hindsight, it isn’t seeming all that great to me now.  The months were mostly named for Greek and Roman gods and goddesses who were maliscious and nasty.  The good thing about D-11’s research is that we can contrast the characteristics of these man-made gods with the true God.  At least Juno was committed to her marriage with Zeus and it is because of this that June, the most popular month for weddings to happen, was named in her honour.

P-9 told us all about the fire drake, a rather small dragon that lives in volcanoes and can breathe fire.  This particular dragon’s weakness is water.  Both of my boys’ particular weakness is writing and presenting.  These calendars and the research they require are a good idea but there isn’t a lot of pressure to do a really stellar job when the boys know they are just presenting to the immediate family.  I may have to up the ante and have them present to others to motivate them to put more work into their research and presentation.  Where there is a will there is a way.  I have a will that my boys would greatly improve in their ability to put ideas down on paper and present them orally.  Now, I have to plan the way…