dsc00369.jpgI know that everyone in their lifetime will ask this question once (LOL!) and I now feel that I can give an educated answer.  If you use a luggage carrier to haul around flyers and catalogues (about 40 -100 pounds worth each load) for about a half hour at a time, four to six times a week, and you take that loaded down luggage carrier through every imaginable type of weather there is in Canada, it will last you about one year.  At about the ten to eleven month mark, there will be no rubber on the wheels.  You can still use it for a month or two after that point but then the core of the wheel will splinter and one day one or both wheels will simply not rotate at all.  This happened to me today.  I dragged my hundred pound load for about 10 metres, making a nice scraping sound as I navigated the sidewalk, and then remembered that I have a van and flyers weren’t really worth the amount of muscle it would take to drag it along. 

Well, praise God that garage sales are starting to pop up.  If I can at all help it, I will not be purchasing another luggage carrier to haul flyers.  I will be upgrading and looking for a spiffy granny cart.  The hunt will begin in earnest tomorrow morning and God willing all will end well and I will be delivering in ease and style Wednesday’s bundles.