dsc00364.jpgWe have been part of the Barrhaven Teaching co-op for three years now and have been incredibly blessed for the experience.  These homeschool families are so creative, supportive, and just plain fun.

Today marked our last outing with the co-op.  We finished up this chapter in our lives with a visit to a friend’s farm.  D-11 and P-9 had a great time mucking about in the creek with their homeschooled friends.  They managed to catch a lot of frogs, a few crayfish and even one chubby tadpole.  All the exploring and soggy feet helped them work up quite an appetite for hotdogs on the BBQ, roasted marshmallows, chips and juice.  It doesn’t get any better than that when you’re a kid!

The proprietor of the farm kept them busy by organizing them into colour-coded teams and sending them on a scavenger hunt.  The idea was to find six coloured cards using the clues given.  Most of the clues used the cardinal points of the compass so at any given time you saw happy groups of kids running all over the place.  They ended up very sweaty and happy to receive a treat for all their hard work.

We also got to have a tour of the farm’s homemade chicken coup and met Lola, Miss Havisham and a few other lovely hens.  The owner of said charges was very happy to answer all our questions about them.  We went there to simply have fun but, as is usually the case with our homeschool friends, we ended up learning some things.  It almost made me want to try raising some chickens of my own.  Almost.

Well, we hope to move on to other adventures in the years to come but I know that we will never forget all the fun and learning we had with these amazing families.