dsc00346.jpgD-11 and P-9 got invited again to an elderly neighbour’s home to do some art this afternoon.  Some time ago this lovely woman bought an extremely cool brick and mortar set and had the boys come over to try it out.  Last time, they built what was on the box cover.  This time around they started by soaking the last project in water to unstick the mortar and then built something freehand.  At first, the plan was to make a castle.  When they ran out of big bricks and found that they were short on time they decided to just roof up what they had constructed and called the project finished. 

This was another “working together” time that went quite well.  I was pleased to see that this time around they staggered the bricks.  You would think that they would know to do that from all the lego projects we have worked on over the years but last time there were very weak places in the walls where the bricks were not layed correctly.  

We finished the afternoon by eating some homemade fruit and yogurt parfaits this neighbour had made and socializing with her.  It so pleases her that the boys like to come over (who wouldn’t with great projects and delicious food?) and that they chat with her.  It’s a good thing when you can do something fun and make someone’s day at the same time.