One of the great things about reading books together is all the interesting new vocabulary that sneaks into our everyday vernacular.  D-11 and P-9 have been having some fun with some of Kathryn Lasky’s invented words in her Guardian of Ga’Hoole series that we have been enjoying as of late.  Words like “gizzuition”, “racdrops”, “spronk”, “flint mops” and even the taboo word “sprink” have been floating around the house.  The word the boys use most is “yarp”.  This is Lasky’s word for an owl’s amazing ability to regurgitate indigestible parts of their prey into neat, little pellets. 

D-11 and P-9 usually speak of “yarping” when they decide to belch hideously.  I’m sure they do it just to see that discouraged look on my face which I must confess I display close to 100% of the time.  Either that, or it’s just plain fun to belch hideously.  I keep reminding them that what they are doing is not really “yarping” because nothing that can be analyzed and dissected actually comes up.  Well, D-11 came closer to “yarping” last night.  I knew I was in trouble when he said, “Sorry Mom, but I “yarped” on the carpet.”  If only that were true.  If only what he had regurgitated came in nice, neat pellets.  No such luck.  He hadn’t “yarped” his spaghetti dinner, he had upchucked it.  There was nothing neat about what I saw oozing into the carpet.

Well, what can you do?  I’m thinking of making the word “yarp” with or without suffixes “spronk”.  I can hear the boys now if I announce that!  They’ll yell right back at me, “Sprink on your spronk”.  Ha!  Little would they know that was exactly what I was hoping they’d say!  The word “sprink” merits some pretty severe “flint mops” and I have a few ideas along that line!  I’ll have to try setting the trap just to see if they will fall for it.  I may end up with a clean basement yet!