The Rescue by Kathryn Lasky

In book 3 of the Guardian of Ga’Hoole series, Soren takes it upon himself to find his missing teacher Ezylryb.  He has some gizzard instincts to lead him but his first real clue comes from a warning from the scrooms of his parents about an evil owl named Metal Beak.  To find out more about this owl, Soren and his band fly a secret mission to the rogue smith of Silverveil.  There they find out more about Ezylryb’s past.  The truth of Ezylryb comes out further when they secretly search his hollow and encounter Octavia, the fat, old nest-maid snake.  All of this information jars Eglantine’s memory of what happened to her before she was found.  Soren is sure this information is connected to Ezylryb.  In the end, they find Ezylryb and a whole lot more.  The mystery of the flecks that so perplexed them in the first two books is discovered.  The flecks are part of Metal Beak’s diabolical plan to take over all the owl kingdoms and create one pure race.  Soren and his band destroy Metal Beak’s plan and find themselves fighting the infamous evil owl.  The battle reveals that Metal Beak is none other than Soren’s older brother Kludd.  Soren and his band win the battle but not the war.  Metal Beak escapes alive to wreak havoc another day.

D-11 and P-9 are really getting into this series now.  They have started the oh-so-familiar plea of “just one more chapter”.  They still love to be read to and I think I will continue to accommadate them as long as they like.  It’s such a joy to snuggle on the “reading couch”, crack open a book, and hold everyone’s attention with a good story.