I had a hard day today.  I had to laugh.  I read in a devotional this morning that “the glory of tomorrow is rooted in the drudgery of today”.  Glory! Hallelujah!  Tomorrow promises to be glorious!

I often try to go for a prayer walk after days like today and this afternoon after the last of the lessons were done I had a chance to slip out.  I often gravitate towards a particular park for these prayer walks and today was no exception.   The park in question has a lot of big rocks in it and one boulder in particular I have dubbed “the rock that is higher than I”.  It has become a favourite trysting place for myself and the “lover of my soul”.  As I was on route, I was reminded that David called the Lord his rock.  I had a bit of a “light bulb” moment.  I love going to the boulder in the park because I know it will be there.  It never has moved all the years I’ve been going to it.  It just is.  It’s proven itself 100% reliable.  What a wonderful picture of my God.  He’s always there.  He never moves and He never changes.  I can count on Him because He never will.

Somehow, I change sitting on that rock.  I come feeling defeated and weighted down.  Then I notice a robin grubbing about on the ground for its daily meal and I am reminded to “consider the birds of the heavens, how they neither sow, nor reap, nor gather into barns and yet my Heavenly Father feeds them.  Am I not worth much more than they?”  I also see the buds opening up on the trees.  It’s a visible reminder that spring always follows winter.  In the same way, seasons of growth always come after seasons of difficulty and hardship.  The birds chirp, the red squirrels chase each other and chatter noisily and a tiny chipmunk scurries under a rock ledge.  It is all so beautiful and my eyes are lifted to consider the greatness of the Creator.  Seeing who He is changes my perspective of all that is weighing me down.  I leave feeling lightened knowing that I have a great God taking care of me.  PTL there is a Rock that I can go to.