When people find out that I homeschool my children,  they often get a concerned look on their faces and ask, “What about socialization?”  They seem to assume that because D-11 and P-9 aren’t in a classroom full of kids their own age from Monday to Friday they will somehow be doomed to be social misfits.  I wish that the people who have asked me that question could have watched my boys today.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous so we decided to pack some play stuff and head out to Brittania Beach for the afternoon.  I think D-11 and P-9 were on the beach for about a minute before they made friends with a boy about their age.  They happily dug in the sand and built their amazing engineering marvels with this new boy who just a minute ago was a total stranger to them.  Some time later, when they tired of sand and water, we headed over to the play structure.  P-9 decided that he was in the mood to play tag.  He spotted a posse of boys chasing after each other and asked if he could join the game. They agreed, called him “Timbits” (he was wearing a Tim Horton’s t-shirt) and off they all went playing together with perfect ease.  D-11 joined in not long afterward.  These boys certainly weren’t “clinging to their mamma’s skirt” afraid of the big scary world.  They were venturing out confidently.   Now if only I could encapsulate that succinctly for all those fearful questioners out there!