That’s a pretty catchy title for a single gal like me to write! The ring is actually on my thumb.  D-11 and P-9 sometimes like to spend their hard-earned Flyer Force cash at a little store near us called Brass and Gifts.  Today they returned all excitedly with an early Mother’s Day gift for me.  They handed me a tiny silver coloured box with a pretty fuschia coloured ribbon on top.  Inside the box was a plastic silver ring with a pink “stone” in it.  The ring is so large that I have to wear it on my thumb.  I think that if it was made of the purest gold and had the most expensive gem in it, it would not mean more to me than it does.  P-9 confided to me that they had to pay an extra 75 cents for the special box.  How precious!  It’s good to feel loved.