The Capture by Kathryn Lasky

This is book one of the Guardian of Ga’hoole series.  The ficticious story centers around Soren, a barn owl, who was pushed from his nest by his older brother Kludd and then snatched way to St. Aegolius Academy for Orphaned Owls.  At St. Aggie’s, Soren makes a friend named Gylfie, an elf owl, and the two of them learn that the directors of the Academy are evil and out to control all the owl kingdoms of the world.  Their method is to moon blink young owlets to become mindless servants to their cause.  Soren and Gylfie manage to escape moon binking and even moon scalding and spend their time at St. Aggie’s learning what they can and dreaming of the day they become fully fledged and able to escape.  In time they do narrowly escape hoping to return to their families.  To their dismay, their families have moved on without them.  They meet up with Twilight, a great gray owl, and Digger, a burrowing owl, who have sad stories of their own.  The four of them decide to band up, find the Great Tree of Ga’ hoole  where legend says there were knight owls who rose up to perform noble deeds, and stop the evil they see starting at St. Aggie’s.

D-11 and P-9 weren’t ecstatic about this book but they were sufficiently interested to want to continue with the series.   I like how Kathryn Lasky weaves actual facts about the various types of owls into the story.  Each kind is well described and we learn about their particular feeding and nesting habits.  That’s bonus when the story is already quite well-written.