We started reading a new series today called “Guardians of Ga’hoole”.  It’s a fantasy fiction series that features a lot of different kinds of owls in it.  We took the time to look up some of these owls on the internet and found that Kathryn Lasky, the author of the series, very cleverly used the genus names of different sorts of owls as place names in the ficticious setting for the series.  Since our interest was peaked concerning owls, I decided to take D-11 and P-9 out for the afternoon to the Museum of Nature to see their new bird exhibit.  The boys had an awe-filled time looking at the great variety of birds we have in Canada.  Some made them laugh, some made them say “wow!” and others made them ask questions.  The exhibit is very interactive and both boys had fun pushing the buttons and trying out the hands on stuff.  We managed to spot some of the owls mentioned in the book we started.  It’s nice that they now have a picture of what these owls look like.

 Of course, we had to visit the “mammals” and the “dinosaur ” galleries as well and push all the buttons there too.  The surprise came just as we were leaving the boutique and thinking of going home.  In walked another homeschool family that we know well.  That started round two of the museum visit where D-11 and P-9 eagerly acted as tour guides showing their friends the “cool” places to visit.  I had to laugh when the four boys got to the “wild bird clinic” play area.  They donned the scientist garb as disguises.  They were pretending to be thieves out to loot the clinic of all its goods.  They worked feverishly to put all the bird clinic paraphenelia in the “get-away”car parked outside the clinic.  It’s great that they could have so much fun in a museum with little more than their imaginations and a few props.  In the end, we spent almost three hours there very happily.