There is not too much I can say about packing peanuts except that they are not all created equally.  Some are made of cornstarch and some are made of polystyrene.  In our kit, both types looked similar but when they were put in water they reacted very differently.  The cornstarch peanuts dissolved.  The polystyrene peanuts floated in the test tube unchanged.  The moral of the experiment?  Before you throw out packing peanuts make sure that they are made of cornstarch.  They will dissolve when they get wet and are apparently not harmful to the environment.  If they are the polystyrene kind, reuse them.  Well, that was  my “green” lesson for the day.

Now onto magic.  D-11 is getting pretty good at fooling me.  He  took an ordinary banana and had me examine it.  It definitely was ordinary.  Then he pretended to chop it with his hand.  He had me examine it again.  It still looked ordinary.  I then had to peel the banana.  To my amazement, it was sliced inside.  Very tricky!  He still has to learn to not give his tricks away.  He was pretty excited to tell me how he did it.  I’m pretty excited that he’s willingly getting his nose in books to keep trying to astound me.  As long as we’re all excited, I suppose it’s a good thing.