Crane by Jeff Stone

This is the fourth book of “The Five Ancestors series”.  In the first book we learned about five Chinese kung-fu warrior monks living at Cangzhen Temple under the direction of Grandmaster.  Early on in the story the temple is destroyed by a former monk and the new Emperor’s army.  All is lost except for the five monks who escape.  Book one tells the story of Fu, the Tiger-style kung-fu warrior, book two of Malao, the monkey-style fighter, book three of Seh, the snake-style fighter and the book we just finished tells of Hok, the crane-style warrior.  None of them know why the temple was destroyed or who they really are.  In each book, the mystery unravels just a little bit further.  We were surprised to find out in this book that Hok is a girl.  (Up until now she was disguised as a boy to blend in at the temple).  Also in this book, Seh gets attacked by his own mother and becomes blind.  That was an unexpected twist.  We are eagerly looking forward to the next installment of the series to find out more.  It is getting hard to tell  the good guys from the bad guys now.  D-11 and P-9 have really enjoyed these books.  Jeff Stone gives them what they want – action, fighting and mystery.