D-10 is now officially D-11.  One of the gifts he discovered on his wild goose chase this morning was a “make your own pranks “science” kit”.  When I saw this kit on the shelf in some store, love for my son welled up in my heart and I purchased it knowing that he would love it.  I was right but the moment he opened that box I began to think, “What was I thinking buying this?”  The smell emanating from that kit was quickly released upon opening.  Whew!  D-11 quickly discovered that it is very easy to make stink bombs.  I was quick to point out the fine print on the front of the kit that read “adult supervision required”.  D-11 noted in the accompanying handbook that stink bombs should only be made in well-ventilated areas.  He then asked the pertinant question :  “Is our house a well-ventilated area?”  I was very prompt to point out that our house is indeed NOT well-ventilated with the emphasis on a certain three letter word. 

D-11 wasn’t put off.  He moved right on to itching powder.  It turns out that you can extract itching powder from dried rosehips.  It took D-11 a while to figure out what exactly in the rosehips made you itch.  P-9 became the guinea pig.  Attempt #1 to see if he had indeed made itching powder was a bit disasterous.  D-11 ran up and dumped his concoction down the back of an unsuspecting P-9.  P-9 didn’t start to itch but he sure was irritated!  The good side of this disasterous attempt #1 is that P-9 finally hopped into the shower without any prompting from me.  Wow!  God answers prayer in the most unusual ways in this house!  After some discussion about the wrongness of what D-11 had just did, D-11 got smart and wooed P-9 into being a willing itching powder guinea pig.  He offered to give P-9 some of his computer time if he would just humour him and tell him if it itched or not.  P-9 fell for it hook line and sinker.  I didn’t get off so lucky.  I got coerced into being an itching powder tester because (as D-11 put it) “good moms would want to help their children test their science experiments”.  Well, eventually P-9 and I did start to itch and D-11 strutted around like he had just discovered sliced bread.  He had the joy of discovering something that had the potential to drive people crazy. 

And what of the flying pennies?  Well, that came as the result of a “science” web-site D-11 discovered.  First we watched a person dressed as a scientist drop various alkali metals in bathtubs of water.  The results were pretty impressive.  We saw two bathtubs go KABLOOM just after the person dressed as a scientist ran to a safe distance away.  Thankfully, we don’t have any alkali metals kicking around our place.  I rather like my bathtub without holes, thank you very much.  D-11 was not put off by our lack.  He ventured on until he found “science” we could replicate in our home.  He learned to balance a penny on the end of a coat hanger and spin it around and not have the penny fly off.  It was most impressive until he slowed the swinging down and the penny did fly off.  The penny hit my freshly painted wall and there is now a ding in the paintjob.  I have to look at it as future therapy.  So here I am at the end of the day still breathing some unpleasant fumes, still scratching a little and thinking of future therapy.  I can hardly wait for “science” tomorrow.