We have been operating on one bathroom for about a month now.  Some time ago the downstairs bathroom (also known as the men’s bathroom) started to have problems.  It wouldn’t flush properly.  I didn’t make much of this until I started to repeatedly have to plunger to exhaustion with no noticeable difference.  I began to inquire if anyone in the house might have an idea why the toilet was not flushing properly.  It then came out that a sparkler might have been accidently flushed down the toilet.  That started intense prayer over the toilet bowl that somehow that sparkler would pass and all would be well again in toilet land.  All is not well in toilet land.  I finally faced the inevitable and called a plumber today.  All is really not well in toilet land.  $125 today to take the toilet apart and remove the sparkler and all the toilet paper stuck to it.  Another $125 tomorrow to replace the broken ring that the toilet has been sitting on for who knows how long.  Well, we had a nice little chat about what can and cannot be flushed from now on and why.  Hopefully, D-10 and P-9 learned something in toilet land today.