The boys showed off their top-secret research on their calendars today during “the great unveiling”.  D-10 found out about the god Mars for whom the month of March was named.  I was impressed with the neatness of his presentation.  P-9 told us all about golden dragons.  Around the edge of the calendar are illustrations for the kids to colour in.  Paul chose to be very creative in his colouring.  He pointed out his rapping chicken, ninja cat, vampire pig, battle-scarred goat and the cow with red eyes and mad cow disease. 

 The next “great unveiling” will be on April 2nd where the boys have to show me what they found out for the month of April.  I think that I will try to jazz it up a bit.  Maybe I can find a musical intro, have snacks for intermission, or even give them a chance to show me other tricks they have learned.  D-10 has been working on some yo-yo tricks and is always eager to astound us with magic tricks.  P-9 has taken to demonstrating some interesting dance moves (which will only ever come out when only Mom and big brother are watching!)