I once was asked, “If you were a shoe, what kind of shoe would you be?”  I didn’t really know then.  I still don’t really know today.  What I do know is that I had a nice time looking at shoes this morning with a friend at Bayshore.  The boys were at a sleepover and we were intent on having a “girlie time”.  She had her eye on chunky wedges.  I was more intent on last pickings, clearance-rack, high quality but cheaply priced winter boots to replace my ailing current pair.  We both ended up trying on footwear we would never buy just for the fun of it and enjoying some time together.  We both left without purchasing anything but that was alright.  I rarely browse these days because D-10 and P-9 definitely have the male shopping gene.  Their idea of shopping is to decide what you want before you enter the store, find it, buy it and then leave.  Window shopping is something they are just not programmed to understand.  Hence, it was nice to look with someone who totally understood and was as happy with the experience as I was even if nothing was purchased.  Now if I could just decide what kind of shoe represents the real me….