Today was the first day of spring break.  The boys happily went off to day camp and I happily went off and, amongst other things, found that I had come down with Spring Cleaning Disease.  The living room, dining room, kitchen and front entrance have not looked so good in a long time.  I have decided that this week should involve some therapy which, for me, means painting.  I had a nice time checking out paint chips with a friend and found some colours that were just begging to go on my walls.  While checking out Para’s line of paint chips I discovered that Para Paints has a Group of Seven colour collection.  Way cool!  The boys and I did a unit on the Group of Seven some time back.  I have always been impressed with these artists who intentionally broke away from European artistic tradition and developed a new artistic style to capture Canada’s rugged beauty.  I will have to show D-10 and P-9 the cool Group of Seven Para Paints folder to impress upon them again the lasting legacy of these Canadian artists.   The folder is pretty cool giving an overview of the Group of Seven, small blurbs about each of its members, and samples of famous paintings accompanied by Para’s colour equivalents.  I didn’t choose any of the Group of Seven colours for my kitchen and hallway but still the folder is pretty cool.