No, we don’t homeschool on the weekend, in case any of you are wondering.  Still, learning happens all the time whether I am trying to instill it or not.  What the boys learned today was that it’s a good thing to save your money.  This morning, we went bright and early to Canadian Tire and the boys bought new bikes with their savings.  They’re pretty snazzy looking!

The boys also learned a new throw in Judo this morning.  It was pretty impressive watching the senseis demonstrating it.  It was pretty interesting to watch the boys try it!  Everything with practice I guess!

The boys also learned (and hopefully they will remember this one) that Mom sometimes says “yes”.  They asked (very sweetly of course) if two of their Judo/co-op friends could come over to play.  There was a lot of sword/gun/knife/whatever weapon they could dig up in the basement fights this aft.  Boys!  Everything has to be war!

While they were killing each other,  I decided to tackle the basement.  What was I thinking? Obviously, I was thinking that today was as good a day as any other day to die.  It’s amazing to me that two little boys can make such big messes with so little effort.  The good thing out of the clean-up is that the old long-lost yo-yo book resurfaced.  D-10 was thrilled and has almost learned a few new yo-yo tricks.  He seems to be able to do them quite well until he tries to show me.

Well, D-10 and P-9 weren’t the only ones who learned today.  This old dog clued into something.  P-9 has been bartering with D-10 for more computer time.  It seems D-10 is quite willing to give his computer time to his brother for certain small favours.  The most hilarious thing about it is D-10’s reports to me about it.  He makes himself sound like such a benevolent big brother to his poor computer-addicted sibling.  He’s quite the little actor.  Funny how he doesn’t mention the certain small favours he has asked for in exchange for computer time.  I’m not sure what I should do about this or even if I should do anything about it.  That will require some deep thought which may just happen because my body is hurting pretty bad from that basement clean-up idea.  I think I will just crash now and enter deep thought mode.