We had a good laugh today during French.  I’m glad that we did because we all really needed to laugh after the rigours of language arts in the morning.  The adventure on l’ile de Providence continued and today the boys met their three contacts.  One of them, code-named “Zsa-Zsa” turned out to be a woman.  The other two, “Bonbon” and “Joujou” turned out to be Russian wolfhounds.  I had made up code badges for these mysterious contacts and after the French lesson I had the boys draw in what they thought “Bonbon” and “Joujou” looked like.  That’s where the laughter came in.  P-9’s version of “Joujou” looked like a saber-toothed something and D-10’s “Bonbon” looked like a long-legged sheep with big lips.  I drew “Zsa-Zsa” and she, well, looked pretty normal.  We did go on the internet to check out what real Russian wolfhounds look like.  Even I didn’t know.

To end the day, the boys made a chocolate jelly roll.  They have a lot of fun baking.  They drop everything into the bowl as if it were a bomb.  The kitchen looks like a bomb went off in it after those two are done baking.  The jelly roll gets a “D” for appearance but P-9 assures me that it gets an “A” for taste!